Getting The Proper’s Nights Rest

Ok, so let’s face it we’ve all been distracted by our electronic devices and yes guys I mean our phones! We often spend hours on our phones at night when that time is to allow ourselves to recharge and rejuvenate. We create this sleeping disturbance but allow me to help you manage your anxiety.

TIP #1   Alleviate the stress patterns in your life. This can most definitely interfere with falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night. You seem to be more anxious and worried about life’s problems and your brain is running a mile a minute. Allow your mind to relax. Play some soothe jazz on your phone to put you in a non-disruptive sleep. Don’t allow anxiety to impact how you function physically, mentally and emotionally.

TIP #2    Meditate. I cannot stress this enough that meditating is a huge factor it helps me stay more relaxed. Find a quiet place, setup your preferred space comfortably and just do it! Burn some sage for an earthy aroma which is also a benefit of memory support and brain health. Meditating helped me break negative thought patterns and reduced lifelong mood disorders which falls down the lines of getting a good night’s rest.

TIP #3   Try to reduce irregular or extensive daytime naps. I’m so guilty for this in my past. Their were days I slept for hours at a time throughout the day where it resulted in me having these terrible migraines. Has anyone else had this issue? And honestly this may not help all but it could also help some. It just depends on the individual.

TIP #4     Drink a sleepy time tea. I used to dread drinking tea until I understood the benefits of it and how it assists in so many ways. I’m all about going the natural route. Tea has a bunch of antioxidants that support our health. Do you prefer Hot or cold tea? Either way ..enjoy it!

Now I am not saying to sleep 10 hrs at night haha. Actually the healthiest person (depending on age) gets an average of 5-6 hours a night per what Dr. John Bergman states in his Youtube video on deep sleep series. I am saying to allow your body to get uninterrupted sleep by applying these methods in your everyday life.

Also download some of these Anxiety apps i’ve used and still do from time to time. @Buddhify, @Omvana and @Headspace. Let me know in the comments if these worked for you!

Also, leave a couple tips in the comments that help you get a good nights sleep! I’ll love to hear your methods!

Ways to Build Self Confidence

Have you ever looked into the mirror and thought to yourself “wow I wish I was this person, or I wish I could look this type of way”?. Well atleast in this point in my life I am bold enough to say I’ve been guilty of this on PLENTY of occasions. Their have been times where I have felt like my personal image was not enough for others let alone for myself to accept. At times I’ve felt frustrated and upset with myself at the fact that I was neglecting who I was inside. I was a victim of this emotional ability I had that resulted in lack of control. So, how can we fix this feeling? The first step is facing it. Don’t be oblivious or scared to face the truth. IT’S OKAY! The world is a non-hostile place it’s all what we make it. We’ve all been a victim of some type of insecurity, until one day I looked in the mirror and spoke words of affirmation to myself. Which brings me to the list of things I spoke upon myself/did.

  1. Affirm yourself. Love yourself indefinitely. Tell yourself I am loved, I am beautiful I am fearful of all things, I am unique, I am valuable. We deserve as humans to feel good about ourselves.
  2. I then wrote down two lists one of my strengths and the other of my achievements. Try to allow a supportive friend to assist you for some motivation. Store them somewhere safe and every morning read them over to remind yourself of how important you are.
  3. Do one thing that scares you everyday. I’ve always told myself fear is torture. And we’re trying to set ourselves up to win right? This tip for sure will make you more productive, prepare you for unexpected changes and help push you to your full potential. For example: maybe you could spark up a convo with a total stranger.. Haha sounds crazy right but I promise you it is not. You could potentially turn this stranger into a friend. People hate rejection which could yes raise the risk but life is all about taking chances.
  4. Care for yourself. Which is a combination of many, many things. Plan out your days to stay more organized. Create an exercise habit. Cultivate better eating habits in your daily life. Broaden those horizons! If this means possibly throwing in a salad for dinner, or instead of that butter pecan ice-cream you want for a snack try to substitute that for a healthy fruity homemade acai bowl. I love @soho juice’s bowls they’re amazing! Lastly, dress how you want to feel. Get jazzed up and take yourself on a date. Spoil yourself. Do at least one thing you enjoy.