Where Have I Been?

Recently, I’ve made one of the biggest moves of my life to Europe. I traveled over 14 hours with my three toddler children to get to this beautiful country which was one heck of a journey. I mentioned in my previous posts about my husband being in the military and Germany happened to be one of our first duty stations. We got pretty lucky. Lately, i’ve really been off my A game with posting. Between trying to get settled into my new home and still adjusting to this 6hour time difference I didnt realize how distracted I had gotten from my blog until my husband asked me “whens the last time you’ve made a post?”. Reminding me that I needed to stop being lazy and get with it!

I didn’t know where to begin again. I was lost. It was like I was on a roll one moment with so much inspiration and then the next i had writers block. I had no motivation and I realized I needed to change my enviornment or listen to some inspirational podcast or something. Good writing takes time. And i didnt want to just throw anything together and publish. I needed that push again. Writing takes great effort, the right intentions, time and figuring out the perfect words to begin your first sentence.

Have you ever got discouraged when doing something you love by just the process itself? Like, wow this is not getting to where I want fast enough. Or just seeing other successful bloggers in their prime and everything seems to just be going super slow for you? Thats the feeling I felt. I just needed to realize nothing comes easy and as long as I have a positive INTENTION blogging can bring me incredible opportunities which means to grow my blog organically and put genuine love into it. I have to embrace this time when possibly no one is reading it, and focus on the growth of myself as a blogger before focusing on the growth of the blog itself. My current mindset is to use this blog as my creative space and to do something I can enjoy.

I will, for sure, be posting at the most two times a week just depending on how much more interesting my life gets. The enviornment right now when it comes down to social media and blogging you feel like you have to do something a certain way, or write a certain way just to stand out. Things are so different now.. BUT I’m just navigating the waters and trying to figure out what feels right for me.

I think that is the key to successful blogging: doing what feels right for you.

Motherhood Mantra

Meet Lon’dyn, Skylar and Cameron. I bet you can’t guess who’s the oldest out of my two girls? Leave the guesses below haha. Everyone and I mean literally everyone always stops to ask me “are your girls twins”?. I don’t even think they look anything alike but hey! Not twins but definitely 11 months apart. Yeah. I started off early. I was a young mother with no idea/knowledge on parenting but I manage to make them happy and that’s all that matters!

Which that leads me to say that parenting really throws me through a loop at times..whew! I mean, I really do have such a big support system now and I get a lot of Mommy time every other weekend just to recoup and catch up on to do things that I’m not able to do during the week. Moms, we all need a break. We need that mental & physical recharge.

I recently seen an Instagram post linked to Amy Poehler’s, book called “Yes Please” which made perfectly good sense on what it means to be a woman and a mother. It read…

I have many friends who have had natural childbirth. I applaud them. I have friends who have used doulas and birthing balls and pushed out babies in tubs and taxicabs. I have a friend who had two babies at home! In bed! Her name is Maya Rudolph! She is a goddamn baby champion and she pushed her cuties out Little House on the Prairie style!

Good for her! Not for me.

That is the motto women should constantly repeat over and over again. Good for her! Not for me.

What a brilliant mantra, right? There are countless ways to be a good mother (and person), and we should trust our guts; we know that intellectually. Still, at certain moments, it can be hard not to sometimes compare yourself to others, and then doubt yourself or wonder if you’re at odds if you’re taking different paths. But in the end? “Good for her! Not for me.” I love it!

I haven’t yet read the whole book but has anyone read “Yes Please”? I found it on Amazon and that will be my next read once I am finished with my current one. Here’s the link to purchase the book! If you happen to finish before me please come back and comment to let me know how you enjoyed it! https://amzn.to/2KXctWb

Hey, Charles

I am so excited to introduce Charles, today! How we met is a pretty strange but unexpected way of meeting someone, which is why I am happy to share with you all that you never know who you’ll meet or how. Love just has a funny way of bumping into each other. They say the best love stories are the ones that are least is expected. They are and let me tell you how. My husband and his family had moved in with us because he was homeless. At the time my mother and his family were very close friends and we had space for them. Now, I knew him from word of mouth but he was younger than me and I had already had my eyes on a guy at the time and didn’t care nor pay attention to who he was. I just knew a family was in need and we were there to help. As time passed we connected at some point. I know it sounds cheesy, but when we finally had a one on one conversation I swear I felt something in my heart. Like this strong connection. The way he was so full of love and his mannerism was everything. To remind y’all we are 3 years apart ok, do the math haha. Something in my head said, just go for it.

And, I’m so glad I did.

See, I was already in the game. I was testing the waters with this man though. I didn’t dive in head first because I didn’t know what I was setting myself up for due to the age difference. I just knew that in my heart we needed each other for guidance and love that we didn’t get from anywhere else. He had pain in his eyes and I wanted to be his gateway from all the battles he was fighting. I wanted to be his sanctuary. His best friend. His soulmate. I was just over seeing such a sweet soul hearted person give up before his journey even began for him. I remember going to stores and picking up toiletries, boxers, t-shirts and just his all time favorite snacks.. He loved Oreos and Doritos. God really placed us together for a reason. He loved my girls like they were his own and took them under his wing not only to act as a father but a friend. As time passed wherever you seen him you seen US. It was as simple as that. God had a weird way of showing me who was meant for me and to put the pieces of my heart back together. I had often found myself looking for that finish product in a man which a lot of us women tend to do. It’s not about what you don’t see in a person at that exact moment, or the lack of what the presence brings but the purity of intentions. He was perfectly simple. A true gentlemen. Humble. God fearing. A good man with much wisdom. I had gave up on love and didn’t think that a genuine connection between man and women existed.. but I was wrong. And yet, here we are three years later!!

Let me know in the comments how you and your spouse met!